Present: Mrs Clay, Mrs Gains, Mrs Jones, Mrs Parry, Mrs Fleming, Sarah Henderson, Mrs Stoddard, Mrs Rusted, Mrs Robinson, Mrs Teece, Dawn Gibbons, Marie Hartley, Peter Allman, Mrs Trubshaw, Mrs Tunnicliffe, Miss Morgan, Mrs Snowden, Mrs Wright, Miss Cottrill, Mrs Cooper, Miss Rees, Miss Coady
Apologies: Mrs Argyle, Principal Evans, Lisa Harris, Mrs Concar

Election of committee

Treasurer: Mrs Gibbons - Proposed by Mrs Hartley, Seconded by Miss Rees
Chair: Sarah Henderson - Proposed by Miss Coady, Seconded by Mrs Wright (Miss Coady will stay nominally as Chair until Mrs Henderson would like to take on board the full poosition.)
Vice Chair: Miss Rees - Proposed by Miss Coady, Seconded by Mrs Cooper
Secretary: Mrs Cooper - Proposed by Miss Rees, Seconded by Mrs Tunnicliffe

Other business

Principal Evans has asked if the PTA would be willing to fund a new website. We would appreciate your thoughts on this.

Miss Coady asked if anyone had any other ideas for items the PTA could fund.

Mrs Hartley suggested a sports kit for our sporting events outside of school. We already have netball and football strips and it was decided that athletics has too many children to be able to provide a school strip for.

Miss Rees would like an ICT package that would benefit the whole school. It is £395. Miss Rees is to research to find out if this is an annual payment or a one off payment before any decision is made.

Miss Coady would like to fund school trips.

No major events can be booked until we know what is happening with the hall floor.
Miss Rees suggested children making donations of bubble bath etc. then coming along to buy one of the gifts and wrapping it to take it home for a family member.